Youth Alive Keeps Youth Engaged Through the Pandemic

News October 4, 2021

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 3rd Quarter 2021

Albania, Lithuania, Thailand | TED and SSD

Youth and young adults have struggled during this pandemic when they could not connect with their peers or attend small group meetings in person. The result has been increased symptoms of depression, anxiety and substance use. Youth Alive leaders across the world, such as in Albania, Lithuania and Thailand, resolved to do something about that in their territory. They used creative ways to host virtual meetings, activities and sports in the fresh air, and training opportunities to equip youth for leadership roles in youth alive friendship groups. “We have welcomed new leaders and are excited to re-open our Youth Alive Hope Center downtown,” said Pr. Delmar Reis, Albania project coordinator and Adriatic Union Youth Ministries leader. “We praise God that we can now meet in person at the center and continue reaching out to youth during this trying time,” he added. In Thailand, Pr. Ron Genepago, Division Youth leader, and Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso, Division health director, have hosted virtual Youth Alive activities and events. In Bangkok, Thailand, the students from the Adventist International University attended a Youth Alive Facilitator summit to equip them in engaging the youth and young adults on campus. They are passionate about this ministry and ask for prayers! 

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