Herghelia Lifestyle Center Medical Team Learn New Skills

News March 29, 2024

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 1st Quarter 2024

Romania | Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

On December 1-3, 2023, the medical team and staff of Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania came together to learn new skills. The training was organized by Dr. Nick Dan, president of Herghelia, and Dr. Morosan, chief physician at the center. During the training, which was provided by Dr. Katia Reinert, associate director for Health Ministries at the General Conference, participants became aware of new ways to support patients who attend the lifestyle change programs held at Herghelia using a biblical coaching approach. Nurses, physicians, and other health professionals, along with the staff, learned listening skills and a goal-setting approach aligned with biblical principles modeled after Christ’s method. The aim is to provide support and spiritual conversations as they facilitate the process of behavior change alongside patients. “We were concerned lately about ways to find the best feasible follow-up options for our wellness/lifestyle medicine program at Herghelia. This training was a long-awaited answer to our concerns,” noted Dr. Dan. “What impressed us the most is how the spiritual element is blended in, and that is exactly what we wanted – to follow up not only on the health but also on the awakened spiritual interest,” he added. “We look forward to implementing these new skills and concepts with the 50+ patients that attend each of our wellness sessions.”

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