Health Professions and Administration - Adventist Health Ministries

Adventist Health International

Adventist Health International is a global organization established by Loma Linda University Health. AHI is now serving as a mission hospital renewal and support system. AHI partners with both individuals and health systems to assist in providing professionals, resources, management and governance at many Adventist hospitals in developing countries.

Ask the Doctors

In this “Ask the Doctors” segment you can find out answers for various health questions. Every answer is based on scientific evidence and in line with Biblical principles.

Faith Community Nursing

Reclaiming the healing role of the faith community by integrating the stands of health within the context of faith.

GC Nutrition Council

The General Conference Nutrition Council (GCNC) is a group of qualified nutritionists and health ministry leaders that provide expertise to advise the church on nutrition and health-related matters. If you or your church have a nutrition-related question for which you cannot find an answer to, you are welcome to submit it to the GCNC for…

Health Professional Associations

Health Professional Associations are being organized around the world. They bring many benefits to mission minded health professionals, including networking, exchange of knowledge for professional development, and especially spiritual renewal and recommitment for mission service.