In 2008 the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) encouraged the Church to speak on Health and Lifestyle to the world. This invitation was directed to the Health Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through Dr. Margaret Chan’s Office for Partnerships and UN Reform. This was following her initiative to welcome collaboration with faith-based organizations including churches.

The First Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle took place in 2009! The second in 2014 and the last conference in 2019 in Loma Linda CA.

Why a global conference? It affords a wonderful opportunity for the meeting of minds, the sharing of ideas and the exploration of scientific developments together! Learning, debating, discussing and networking with people coming together from around the world is invigorating, encourages growth in our knowledge and our relationships, and serves as a reminder of our mission to “share wholeness and serve all!”

3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle 2019

The Third Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle took place in Loma Linda, CA, USA. The focus of the conference was in lifestyle and how it affects the body and the brain-Wholistic Wellness. Speakers explored the way lifestyle interventions modify our total well-being through the cycles of life. The important aspects of effecting behavior and lifestyle changes were discussed in plenaries, breakout sessions, and focus groups


2nd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle 2014

July 7-12, 2014
The Second Global Conference on Lifestyle and Health took place July 7-12, 2014 in Geneva as a sequel to the 2009 meeting, which focused on Lifestyle as Primary Health Care. This time round the theme focused on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) with specific emphasis on providing broad access to preventive lifestyle measures and interventions throughout the whole cycle of life.


1st Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle 2009

Jul. 09, 2009
The Global Conference on Health & Lifestyle featured twenty tracts and seminars, over 250 presentations by 140 international specialists, giving you evidence-based information, working models, and target strategies to meet the pressing needs of your community for improved health and spiritual care. The audio archives give you the latest scientific evidence demonstrating how lifestyle choices impact primary medical and spiritual care to reduce medical costs, improve healthcare, and improve the quality of life. This information equips you to assist local, national, and international organizations in fulfilling their long-term objectives and goals.