Nursing Faculty and Students Get Equipped

News March 29, 2024

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 1st Quarter 2024

Weimar Institute | United States (NAD)

Students, faculty, nurses, physicians, and lay health promoters joined the Lifestyle Coaching Skills training sponsored by the School of Nursing (SON) at Weimar Institute in California on November 3-5, 2023. The SON dean and faculty envisioned the course as a way to equip attendees to become more effective in providing support for patients and participants in the lifestyle change programs at Weimar and beyond. “We are much better equipped now to extend Jesus’ healing ministry in a therapeutic way,” stated Marian Llaguno, nursing professor who coordinated the event. “I feel blessed to be part of this insightful and wisdom-filled weekend,” reported Isabelle Louise Wong, a young professional who is planting a church in Sacramento with her husband. “We look forward to using this and other health resources shared during this training in our outreach programs,” she added. Participants left inspired and encouraged to use the skills learned to walk alongside people in the discipleship journey.

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