Health Professionals Conference Focuses on Emotional Health

News June 28, 2019

Health Professionals Conference Focuses on Emotional Health Zaoksky, Russia | Euro Asia Division (ESD)
On early May 2019, the Euro-Asian Division hosted 4th Annual Health Conference called “Assistants of the Great Doctor.” This year the theme of the conference was “Emotional and Mental Health.” According to Nadia Ivanova, Health Director for ESD, this theme was chosen due to its urgent relevancy. “We have been talking a lot about a healthful lifestyle…, but we lose sight of the emotional and spiritual components of health. Our challenge today is to know what exactly is happening with us, how God cares about our emotional well-being and how we can help others become more prosperous, content with ourselves, with our environment, dealing properly with everyday issues.” In total, 243 participants that included volunteers and lifestyle counselors and who came from all over Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine. The conference featured highly informative and practical workshops presented by a number of medical professionals. They were instructed to follow the principle of “doing no harm”, and that their counseling should be advisory in nature, and their actions be motivated by humility, meekness, love and the desire to have a good influence on people. We believe and hope that such meetings will continue to be held every year and at such a high level.

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