Youth and Young Adults Make a Stand for Living Healthy and Serving Others

News December 23, 2022

Franco-Belgium Union | Inter-European Division

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2022

Over 70 Young Adventists and several pastors met at the Moulin de l’Ayrolle, France, for a youth alive facilitator training and the launch of three mission-driven youth alive centers in the region. Six youth leaders were hired to lead Youth Alive projects in the cities of Bordeau, Lyon, and Marseille, in an effort to reach post-modern youth and young adults with a message of healthy living, hope, and wholeness. “We experienced beautiful moments of worship, and we attended meditations and interventions of pastors and doctors and psychologists,” reported Vanessa, one attendee. Breakouts discussed topics such as making choices, self-esteem, toxic relationships, sexuality, and depression. “These topics affect us all, especially as young people, and are very important to address so that we can live an abundant life with God’s help,” she added. Each day the youth gathered in their youth alive friendship groups to share their experiences in life. They listened, encouraged each other, and prayed together. “It was beautiful to see mutual trust, complicity, and harmony in a group of people who did not know each other very well at first. There was no judgment; sharing was done with love and respect. We welcomed everyone’s opinions and testimonies with kindness,” said Philippe Penner, Youth director for the conference. On Saturday, the group had a witnessing time, during which all those who wished could open their hearts to others and encourage them in the faith by sharing what God had done in their lives. This was followed by a time of games which helped to bring the participants closer together. They pledged I will Go, with a greater desire to reflect the love of Christ wherever they are, by their attitude, life choices, and concern for others, aiming at helping other youths adopt a healthy lifestyle through the Youth Alive discipleship program.

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