Faith Community Nursing Comes to Adventist University in Argentina

News June 30, 2024

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2024

Entre Rios, Argentina | South American Division (SAD)

The Adventist University of Argentina (UAP) hosted the first Faith Community Nursing (FCN) training held in Spanish in the Adventist church from March 24-30, 2024. The dean of the School of Nursing (SON), Patricia Robledo, envisioned the course being offered to its 3rd and 4th year students and faculty. The goal was to equip students and faculty in the specialty of faith community nursing, equipping them to integrate spiritual care in a more intentional way as professional practice in a church and hospital setting. Participants had forty hours of learning combining course theory with hands on practicum at the local Adventist hospital offering spiritual care to patients. A special dedication ceremony was held on Sabbath and the new Faith Community Nurses made a inspiring commitment to deliver intentional care of the spirit to their patients and also become involved in FCN at the local church.

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