Youth Alive Participants Promote Community Health Challenge

News November 28, 2023

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 3rd Quarter 2023

Albania Mission | Adriatic Union | Trans-European Division

During April and May, Albanian youth ran Health Challenge, inviting members of the Tirana and Korçe communities to understand and use the eight natural remedies (pure air, sunlight, temperance, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, and trust in divine power). As part of this initiative, citizens were encouraged to complete a brief survey about their quality of life, health, and habits. Survey respondents who were willing to take part in the challenge received a magazine recently published in the Albanian language covering topics on health and well-being. The Health Challenge did not take place in a vacuum, but is part of an ongoing effort to reach Albanians for Christ. “Throughout the years, various outreach activities have been carried out to foster relationships, build trust, and support the community,” reports Pr. Delmar Reis, mission president. Activities included lectures on physical and mental well-being, healthy cooking classes, health fairs, outdoor movies, and regular meetings that facilitated honest conversations on topics such as smoking, drugs, and sexuality.

“Ministries like Youth Alive help adolescents and youth have better health, resulting in an increased quality of life,” Adriel Henke, Youth Alive director in Korçe, said. “This also provides opportunities for them to develop as leaders and make a difference in the lives of others.”