Reaching Vietnam through the Ministry of Mental Health

News December 23, 2022

South-Asia Union Mission | Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2022

Vietnam is recovering from Covid 19, dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression caused by isolation, social media, and poor sleep patterns. Vietnam’s Adventist community sees this as an opportunity to engage with the public and give solutions to this growing concern. Adventists in Ho Chi Minh recently sponsored a community fun run to promote social engagement and wellness. Dr. Torben Bergland, GC Associate Health Director, led mental health training, educating leaders and presenting various mental health solutions. In Hanoi, Adventists hosted a Metal Health conference where attendees valued the talk after understanding mental health development’s complexity. The series concluded with the baptism of two individuals during the seminar’s culmination. COVID-19 drastically affected mental health worldwide. People felt worried and depressed after being on lockdown. The Adventist Church will continue to find ways to help communities discover hope and healing in Jesus.

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