Middle East University Hosts Stop Smoking Program

News November 28, 2023

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2023

Lebanon | Middle-East North Africa Union

The Middle East University (MEU) hosted a Breathe Free 2 Stop Smoking program on campus in March of 2023. The program was co-hosted by the University and the Middle East North Africa Union (MENAU). At the conclusion, 30 participants graduated from the program, and 22 completely quit smoking. A number of the MEU theology students attended, and two of them took an active part in the program. An MEU professor and one theology student gave testimonies of how God has helped them in the past quit smoking. Marcia McEdward (Health Ministries director at MENAU) and Dr. Mark Hynum, MD (MEU Professor), shared the physiology of how smoking affects the body using large models available from the MEU Biology Lab. This was the first time the Breathe Free 2 program was conducted on campus. The plan is for MEU and the University Church to continue conducting the Breathe Free 2 program on campus at least once a year, allowing faculty and students who may want to quit smoking but have busy schedules to attend and participate more easily. The MEU campus is a smoke-free campus. “We praise God for the outstanding response to our recent Breathe Free 2 program! Please pray for them,” remarked Marcia McEdward.