Healthcare Workers Find Encouragement And Support

News September 30, 2020

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 3rd Quarter 2020

Miami, USA | Inter-American Division (IAD)

On May 13, when the COVID-19 Pandemic was at its peak in many places around the world, Adventist Healthcare Services-InterAmerica (AHSIA) held a special day of meditation, orientation, encouragement and prayer to the benefit of the workers of the 14 hospitals in the Inter-American Division and their ministry in their respective countries of operation. The presentations by Dr. Peter Landless, Dr. Zeno Charles Marcel, Dr. Katia Reinert and Dr. Torben Bergland brought hope to Institutions, health professionals (nurses, doctors, administrators) and personal peace and resilience interwoven with prayer seasons. Then, on Sunday May 31, virtual Conference gathered together the GC Health Ministries team, the IAD administrators and departmental team, the hospitals’ leadership, board chairs, the AHI (Adventist Health International) president and a representative from AdventHealth. “We’ve come together in solidarity, during this time of unprecedented challenge, grief, loss and opportunity…. We are here to entrust and rededicate our health institutions and their staff into the faithful and loving hands of the Master Physician and caregiver, Jesus Christ,” noted Dr. Landless. Dr. Elie Honoree, president of AHSIA, reported the gratitude of participants for the inspiring interventions.

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