Health Ministries Advisory for Southern Asia Division

News October 10, 2012

By Fred Hardinge, DrPH, RD, FAND, Associate Director of Health Ministries for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Drs. Kathleen Kuntaraf and Fred Hardinge met with the Health Ministries leadership of the Southern Asia Division September 25-29, 20112 in Chennai, India. Representatives from all seven Unions and most of the Sections were present. These consultations are held in each Division of the world field once each five years.

Pr. A. J. Tito, the SUD Health Ministries Director organized this conference. All participants enjoyed the accommodations and delicious meals at the St. Thomas Mount International Centre, just a short distance from the Chennai international airport.

The schedule was packed with presentations, discussions, and reports of health outreach activities from all parts of the Division, including Bhutan and Sikkim.

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