Dutch Union ARMin Training

News December 18, 2017

Utrecht, Netherlands | Trans-European Division (TED)Dozens of pastors, counselors, and other health professionals, as well as lay people interested in addiction recovery came together for the Adventist Recovery Ministries (ARMin) Global training in Utrecht, Netherlands. The training was organized by the Dutch Union HM director Pr Rudy Dingjan and the ARMin coordinator, Dr Hanneke Tan-Koning, in collaboration with TED and GCHM., with the majority of attendees being from the Netherlands, but also bringing together pastors and leaders from the Adriatic, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Polish Unions) to attend the Train-the-trainer workshop. According to Dr Torben Bergland, TED HM Director, mental health and addiction prevention are among the top focus areas of comprehensive health ministry for the Division. Many left the training inspired to start Journey to Wholeness groups in their local congregations.

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