<strong>Baptisms from Health Outreach in Venezuela</strong>

News December 23, 2022

Western Venezuela Union| Inter-American Division

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2022

Despite the many challenges the people in Venezuela faced, the Adventist church in the Western Venezuela region found ways to minister to people’s needs, following Jesus’ method. They held two community projects focusing on comprehensive health ministry, with several conference ministries playing a pivotal role. The first, entitled Living the Hope, took place on May 20-22 in the city of Barquisimeto at the Adventist Hospital, where volunteer health professionals, church members, pastors, and supporting ministries came together to offer free medical care. They reported that 2336 patients received consultations, and hundreds were prayed for in these two days. The second, entitled Hope Journey, took place in the city of Merida. The goal is to bless the community through a center of influence, meeting people’s whole-person needs. They started on the 25th of July, offering free health consultations with health professionals daily at the center. At the same time, patients were asked if they wished to be prayed for and/or study the Bible. In a period of six weeks, out of hundreds of patients receiving medical care, 245 accepted Bible studies, and 15 were baptized. The project continues, and a new church will be established soon. “We are thrilled to see God at work through comprehensive health ministry,” said Fanny Soto de Gimenez, Union health ministries director. “It has been a joy to see people find health and hope,” she added.

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