Adventist Recovery Ministries Global Training

News June 28, 2018

Zaoksky, Russia | Euro Asia Division (ESD) Dozens of participants came together on June 11-13 at Zaoksky University for the first Euro-Asia Division Adventist Recovery Ministries Global training. Union health directors, pastors, administrators, teachers, health professionals and lay members were enthusiastic as they learned ways to better understand and minister to the many who struggle with addictive behaviors. Dr. Katia Reinert, Dr. David Sedlacek and Nadia Ivanova presented on various relevant topics, and people became acquainted with and ready to facilitate Christ-centered 12-step recovery groups in their communities. Beautiful testimonies of victory in Christ were shared by several participants recounting their own stories of recovery, and the group left motivated to share Jesus’ healing ministry in vibrant and effective ways in their church and communities.

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