Adventist Medical Association Holds Virtual Conference

News December 21, 2020

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2020

São Paulo, Brazil | South American Division (SAD)

The Adventist Medical Association (AMA) held the 1st AMA Virtual Congress in partnership with the Adventist College of Bahia (Fadba), on November 28, 2021. The chosen theme was: “Healthy Mind: The Original Paradigm” and according to Dr. Lionel Leitzke, president of AMA, the expectations were surpassed. The goal was to explore Mental Health, focusing on the original paradigm created by God. The meeting was coordinated by Dr. Telmo Morsch and received speakers from different countries and health professionals and students, pastors and departments of the area, who were connected online in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia. Telmo explains that the biggest challenge faced by health professionals in the context of mental health care is discrimination and lack of knowledge, hence the relevance of the event. Topics included research reports of the relationship between physical health and the mind, and a survey conducted with Adventist doctors on self-care. Over 150 subscribers attended the program live and over 500 have viewed the content on social media adapted for Portuguese and Spanish speakers.

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