Virtual Cooking Show And Scaling Up Health Ministries Training

News September 30, 2020

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 3rd Quarter 2020

Philippines | Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

This summer with the rising of the pandemic, the health ministries department of SSD under the leadership of Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso hosted several virtual health programs in order to reach people all over the globe concerning health amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Between June 16,17, 23 and 24, several health webinars entitled SCALING UP: Comprehensive Health Ministry were held, organized jointly with health directors of the 14 countries in SSD. Presenters from the General Conference, World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH) and other government organizations in the Philippines shared timely information relevant for health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Over 10,000 viewers enjoyed health webinars on topics such as health tool box and comprehensive health ministry; mental health; disaster risk reduction management; and sexual abuse prevention. In the month of July, designated as the Nutrition Month, the SSD health ministries department held its first virtual cooking show consisting of five weekly sessions throughout the month. Chefs, young and old, from different unions and missions of the 14 SSD countries showcased their respective cuisines prepared as plant-based meals. “Nearly 10,000 people watched on various social media platforms, learning healthy vegetarian recipes and its importance for a healthy body,” reported Dr. Alfanoso. She added “SSD Health Ministries envisions every individual, young and old, to be of good health while being able to come to Christ Jesus amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.”

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