SUD Health Ministry Advisory

News December 18, 2017

Hosur, India | Southern Asia Division (SUD)Dozens of health ministry directors, health professionals, healthcare administrators and conference/union officers attended the Southern Asia Division (SUD) Health Ministries advisory in Hosur, India, on October 25-28. They were joined by the three division officers and the GC Health Ministries team. Presentations focused on comprehensive health ministry approaches, leadership development, healthcare institution needs, opportunities for collaboration, various resources available to support the ministry, and positive reports and experiences of best practices. Plans, challenges and opportunities were carefully considered through small-group discussion. An overall plan was created to continue supporting best practices and enhance the needed areas. The division officers along with HM director, Pr Shekar Phillips, and healthcare liaison Dr Merlyn Fernando, are strongly committed to follow God’s lead and expecting great blessings as a result.

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