Saved to Serve: Leading by Example

News November 30, 2014

Lima, Peru was the epicenter, not of a earthquake but of a great movement to implement a blended ministry, where health will play a vital role in church life and outreach.

The week of November 2-9, 2014 started with a Spirit filled South American Division Annual Council, where plans were laid for massive outreach campaigns in 2015. Every church member will play a vital role in this great effort, sharing Christ through practical health initiatives such as Health Expos, cooking classes and a widespread “Move for Life” exercise campaign. Every member will play a role in distributing 21,000,000 (no, there aren´t extra zeros!) health mission book on May 30.

All pastors at the Annual Council had the privilege of experiencing first hand what a Health Expo is all about and were thrilled with the idea of having thousands of these events throughout the Division in 2015. Once the Annual Council ended, it was time to sit down and lay definite plans. Cross-pollination of ideas, experiences and plans filled the air in 3 important meetings: the SAD Health Ministries Advisory, Hospital Administrators Council and the SAD Medical Worker convention.

Saved to serve in a Grace filled ministry echoed in the hearts of all those present. Over 100 medical students from the Adventist University of Peru, home to the youngest SDA medical school in the world, joined the missionary doctors in committing their lives to service, in appeals made by Drs. Peter Landless and Viriato Ferreira. We will certainly hear much more from God´s children in South America who are leading by example.

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