New Youth Alive Version is Launched

News September 28, 2018

Kessel, Germany | General Conference The Youth Alive program, used by many around the world to help build resilience among youth against at-risk behaviors, has been revised. The newer edition of the program was launched in Kessel, Germany, during the Global Youth Leadership Congress on July 31-August 4, 2018. Youth Alive is a program drawing together many ministries to collaborate in discipling young people using the iCor (intergenerational churches of refuge) model, which is critical for the success of the program. Health, Youth, and Family ministries, along with Education, and Global Mission leaders are involved. New branding and a brand-new online portal now offer various resources at the fingertip of youth and youth leaders. Leaders from every division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed the program enthusiastically: “I have been longing for a program like this for years,” said Alastair Agabaje, one of the youth leaders for the Trans-European Division. Starting in 2019 Divisions from around the world can start hosting Youth Alive training and conferences. “We pray that many young people will be feel loved, accepted and also find their purpose in Christ through this program,” said Dr. Katia Reinert and Gary Blanchard, GC Youth alive Coordinator.

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