Local Church Saves Lives Responding to a COVID-19 Crisis


Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2021

Manaus, Brazil | South American Division (SAD)

Brazil has been severely hit during the pandemic, and the city of Manaus had some of the worse death rates in the country. In January 2021 hospitals were full and basic equipment such as oxygen was lacking. People were sent home without hope. It was during this time that members of an Adventist church plant called “Alpha Space” made the difference. The group had attended an Adventist Recovery Ministries training in December 2021, and were motivated and united in purpose to serve their community. They created the “Chain of Goodness” project with the mission to bring needed health resources to the homes of the sick. Their vision was to be God’s instruments in the mission to save as many lives as possible. Leliane, the leader who first envisioned the project, shared that “with the values of serenity and faith we went on to rely on God to provide the resources we needed.” Over 100 volunteers – many of them health professionals from the local church and community – raised over $50,000 dollars purchasing oxygen tanks and other medical equipment. They also cared for people in their homes days at a time. Over 80 people recovered from COVID-19 and no one in their care perished. More than 200 families received food and other basic goods. Pr. Ricardo Coelho shared the excitement of seeing his church members actively involved: “God did for us what we asked and much more. We praise Him and hope to continue serving the community.”

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