Lifestyle Coaching Available Now in Several Languages

News April 1, 2022

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 1st Quarter 2022

General Conference Health Ministries

Since its first launch in 2019, the Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop has been made available for hundreds of health professionals, pastors, and lay leaders worldwide. The curriculum is now translated into Spanish, Croatian, and Slovenian. Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Farsi, and Arabic are almost completed. After several virtual training sessions during the pandemic, the Chilean Union took the opportunity to host its first presential training from January 7-9, 2022. Held at the Chilean Adventist University (UnACh) under appropriate covid-19 protocols, nearly 100 participants came together eager to attend the workshop and fellowship in person. They left full of enthusiasm to apply their newly acquired skills in mission. See for more information on future courses.

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