Health Expo Reaches the Tip of the World

News February 27, 2015

A new record was set for health expos! On Sunday, December 14, 2014, the southernmost health expo served the town of Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina. Over 50 people from a low income neighborhood were blessed by the team of Adventists who shared simple health principles in a friendly environment.

Tierra del Fuego is well know for it´s proximity to Antartica and the South Pole. The event was made possible thanks to dedicated church members who joined forces with the local municipality. Two students from the Missionary Institute at the Adventist University del Plata coached the local team who were delighted to serve their community is such a tangible manner.

This health expo was the training ground for a large event planned for the coming Easter weekend. Then, a major health outreach program will precede a series of spiritual meetings. Visitors will be invited to attend, after they are helped at the expo.

Local health officials were deeply touched by this event and have already invited the local SDA congregation to organize similar programs every year. This is a true blessing and a fulfillment of God´s plan to have every church member a medical missionary.

Organizers are truly grateful to all those who prayed and supported this project, amongst which were the Health Ministries Department of the General Conference and the Adventist University del Plata. We expect to hear much more from Tierra del Fuego, a cold and distant place on Earth where God´s message is warming people´s hearts through the blended, caring ministry of His Church. Maranatha!

(Daniela da Rold, a Seventh-day Adventist psychologist in Tierra del Fuego significantly contributed to this new item.)

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