European Division Launched the Updated Youth Alive Program

News October 1, 2019

he Trans-European Division launched the updated Youth Alive program from August 13-25, 2019. Albania was the first country to have the newly updated program from August 13-18 followed by Lithuania on August 19-24. “I liked everything; it was super fun. I learned about sexuality, depression, how to be happy, and how to choose the right things,” says Joana Hallkaj, a 13-year-old participant in Albania. Leo N. España, president of the Albanian Mission and pastor of the Tirana Central Adventist church noted, “I enjoyed seeing our young people build bonds through their friendship groups and pray for each other.” “This can be a way of planting new churches,” said Juliana Ortolan, project leader in Korçë, Albania. In Lithuania, one of the Youth Alive friendship groups visited a retirement home and held a concert in the backyard, which warmed the hearts of the elderly residents. Other groups went to the city center offering to exchange apples for cigarettes and inviting people for a Breathe-Free stop smoking program. Young adult leader Danetta from Swansea church in Wales who attended the Lithuanian Youth Alive Facilitator training, shared “this YA event was transformational for me.” She returned to her church and launched Youth Alive in her local church with the support of her pastor and two other leaders. For more info on youth alive go to

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