Equipping Leaders in Palliative Care


Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2021

Ukraine | Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

From May 21-23, ESD Health Ministries and Angelia Clinic (Ukraine) sponsored a virtual conference themed “Outpatient Palliative Care: More days to live, more life to days!” In many countries, relatives and even health practitioners are unable to provide the comfort and competent care needed by seriously ill loved ones in their last moments. Palliative care involves active, comprehensive, compassionate, and competent care for patients suffering from incurable diseases. Relief of pain and suffering through such interventions in all dimensions of health – physical, mental, social and spiritual – is the main task of Palliative Care. It excludes intention of delaying or hastening death and aims to ensure, as far as possible, the best quality of life for the patient. Practitioners in various health disciplines provided insightful approaches and practical tips as well as inspiration and encouragement to engage in and learn more about palliation. Also emphasized was how to attend to neglected psycho-socio-spiritual needs of children, parents and other close relatives. About 600 people attended and by now it attracted over 2200 post conference views.

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