COVID-19 & Future Pandemics Symposium

News December 21, 2020

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2020

Chiapas, Mexico | Inter-America Division (IAD)

How do we prepare ourselves for a future pandemic? This was one of many questions discussed at a virtual symposium in September 2021. The discussion was virtual but the concerns are real. The event was organized by the of the Mexican Union of Chiapas’s Health Ministries Director, Dr. Faustino de los Santos, and displayed the grace-filled ministry in which the church is engaged. The five panelists represented the diversity that characterizes comprehensive health ministry and responded with humility to the thoughtful, probing questions for over two hours. The objective was to inform the 740 attendees about caring for themselves and their loved ones during COVID-19 pandemic in all dimensions of their wellbeing (physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual) and ways to prepare for the anticipated but unknow future “pestilences” that are hallmarks of the times in which we live. Dr. Charles-Marcel shared information and ministry challenges and innovations from the world fields. The ZOOM chat was abuzz with interaction, encouraging words and quotations, and expressions of gratitude and commitment to God.

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