Celebration and Expansion for Healing Opportunities

News December 20, 2016

On August 31, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center celebrated 25 years of service meeting the mental health needs of the local community. During the celebration speakers reflected on the journey from the opening of the Behavioral Health Institute in 2010, to over 4,600 inpatient visits and another 37, 473 outpatient visits. Today more than 700 patients are being treated for drug dependency and pain. It is one of only five institution in the US that offers treatment for chronic pain. Across the street, the Loma Linda Center for Genomics at the School of Medicine, has received new equipment and technology that allows researchers to map the effects of lifestyle choices on health and longevity. The studies so far confirm that overtime, choice and circumstances can indeed shape our health. The new machine allows can sequence 12 whole human genomes in less than four days. It will be able to analyze specimens from the Adventist Health Studies to determine the effects of lifestyle on genetics and longevity. Dr Richard Hart noted that the purchase of the equipment was possible due to a generous donation.

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