Andrews University Focus on Health and Wellness

News June 22, 2017

Andrews University (AU) has embarked on a health and wellness mission to become the healthiest university in the US and to help everyone live life to the fullest! The university-wide initiative, Mission: Fully Alive, has been sparking a renewed revival on campus to make health and wellness a foundational pillar of the educational experience at AU. In May 2017, AU received the “Gold Level” recognition from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for being an exercise-promoting campus as part of the “Exercise-is-Medicine On Campus” nation-wide initiative for a second year in a row. Many on-campus opportunities are available to improve personal and institutional health and wellness, such as walking meetings to replace sitting meetings, daily plank time, walks, massage, a Wellness center open to students and faculty, and even a fun attempt at the Guinness World record on sit-ups! According to Dr. Dominique Gummelt, Director for Health and Wellness, “As we work hard to move forward with our mission we are committed to inspiring not only the students, faculty and staff at Andrews University to become healthier and happier, but we also call upon every person on this planet to join in our MISSION to BECOME FULLY ALIVE!”

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