West Kenya Union and Northern Tanzania CHM Trainings

News September 28, 2018

Kenya and Tanzania | East Central Africa Division (ECD) During the month of August two Unions in the East-Central Africa Division helped sponsor two Comprehensive Health Ministry (CHM) training events. The first took place in Kisumo, Kenya at the West Kenya Union Mission headquarters from August 22-24, 2018. Organized by a collaboration between Health Ministries and Women’s Ministries, attendees were Conference and Union health leaders, administrators, health professionals, and women- and health-ministry leaders. Dr. Katia Reinert was the main speaker, and several action plans were initiated by each conference represented. Enthusiastic. The second training took place in Mwanza, Tanzania, from August 27-February 1, 2018, sponsored by the Northern Tanzania Union. Nearly 500 attendees came together for the 6 days, including pastors, conference and local church health leaders, as well as lay leaders. An action plan was also initiated with specific goals in mind. Presenters were Dr. Fesaha (ECD), Dr. Laguno (AAIM), and Dr. Reinert (GC HM) inspired attendees at both events. Attendees of both events praised the Union leaders for organizing a n inspiring event, first of its kind for both Union Missions.

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