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News April 1, 2022

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 1st Quarter 2022

Adriatic Union | Trans-European Division (TED)

Dozens of health professionals and lay leaders from across the Adriatic Union Conference (AUC) attended a workshop on Lifestyle Coaching from 4 to 6 February 2022. The 15-hour training, held at the Adventist Secondary School in Maruševec, Croatia, aimed at empowering health promoters to support people in lifestyle behavior change. Dr. Katia G Reinert, Health Ministries associate director at GC Health Ministries, delivered the workshop. The attendees learned Bible-based lifestyle principles and discovered skills that mirror God’s concern for humanity and empower individuals to make positive lifestyle changes. Participants had the opportunity to engage in open discussions to explore how to apply the knowledge acquired during the training to their daily routines. “The workshop was a great opportunity to come together after two years of restrictions and enjoy the professional and thought-provoking lectures presented by Dr. Reinert,” said Marjanca Hari, AUC Health Ministry director. “Attendees were pleased to learn how to become greater blessings in their communities.”, she noted.

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