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Adventist Volunteer Services

Check out volunteer mission opportunities lasting from a single day to a year or more using your talents and expertise. Find ways to serve alone or with a group.

Adventist Professionals Career Opportunities

Professionals who feel God calling to serve as a missionary can join the Adventist Professionals’ Network, a global registry of Seventh-day Adventist professionals from any field. The network helps locate qualified candidates for mission positions.

General Conference Adventist Mission

Explore this comprehensive website to find volunteer and career mission opportunities in virtually any type of mission service from inner-city to the most rural setting, bringing Christ to those who have not met Him yet.


For more than 130 years men and women left the comforts of their homeland to serve God as a distant place. In many parts of the world they stand today as powerful witness of the dedication of the Adventists in service.

Vivid Faith

VividFaith connects people with service opportunities all over the world—volunteer needs, employment openings, locum tenens, remote jobs, group mission trips. Register as a VividFriend and find your next adventure!