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Lifestyle Coaching - Adventist Health Ministries

Health ministry teams and health promoters introduce Lifestyle Coaching. A health program, created to help people to make lifestyle changes to lower their health risks and improve their health. Changing a health habit is not an easy process. The challenges of everyday life and the power of long-term habits make it difficult for people to implement the information shared. Lifestyle Coaching uses biblical principles to provide personalized support that can cut through common barriers to lifestyle change.


Description: The Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop explores the foundational philosophy, attitudes, and skills of coaching within the context of health ministries in Seventh-day Adventist congregations.

By participating in the Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop, participants will be able to:

• Define lifestyle coaching and how it aligns with biblical values.
• Explain the value of using a lifestyle coaching approach in health ministries.
• Describe the elements of the Lifestyle Coaching Model.
• Describe the four gifts we give as coaching, and how they reflect the heart of God.
• Discuss key concepts for understanding behavior change and practical implications for lifestyle coaching and health
• Practice key coaching skills and a coaching conversation model to help someone create a Lifestyle Change Plan in the area of physical activity.

What Participants Say About the Lifestyle Coaching Skills Workshop

“I am a health practitioner, but wanted to check out what this course had to offer. I know that I needed to be a better coach. I was pleasantly surprised that I have received such good tools and learned a lot regarding what lifestyle coaching should really be about. Thank you.

“I really appreciate this program. I am now equipped to take the final message of salvation and the health message to others.”

“I want to thank the Conference General for launching this great training. Even tough I am already in the health field for years but I have learned a bunch of information. May God continue to richly bless you all and launch more training for the the world.”

“A very powerful and relevant course. Thank you so much for offering!”

“It would be nice to have this training done with many of our members, so we could become more successful in caring of people in a proper way.”

“In present situation (no travel), this was one of the best online trainings I have attended.

Workshop Dates

LifeStart Health | February 7-11, 2021

Middle-East North-Africa Union | February 21-25, 2021 and March 21-25, 2021

Latvia Conference | June 13-17, 2021

Middle-East North Africa Union | June 20-24, 2021

Southern-Asia Pacific Division | July, 2021

New South Wales Conference | September, 2021

Baltic Union | September, 2021

*Contact us via the connect page for workshop registration information.

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