Lifestyle Coaching Skills Builds Bridges to Baptism

News December 22, 2021

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 4th Quarter 2021

General Conference Health Ministries

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have considered changing their lifestyle choices to experience better health and strengthen their immune system. Perhaps more than ever before, this has opened a window of opportunity for ministering through comprehensive health ministry. Behavior change is a not so easy process. A great way to facilitate that process is through lifestyle coaching skills. In order to equip leaders and lay people for this area of ministry the General Conference developed a lifestyle coaching skills training, and many fields are taking advantage of it globally. Over the last 4 months trainings were hosted by Latvia Conference (TED), Trans-Pacific Union (SPD), Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD), West Africa Division (WAD) and West Asia Field (MENAU). Upon completion, participants are equipped with skills not only to assist people in their health journey, but also in building caring relationships. Jan House shared her gratitude: “I was thankful that I had completed the Lifestyle Coaching Skills Workshop.” One Sabbath, a visitor attending church said she needed a health coach. We met weekly for a month or two, and I gave her some training in vegetarian cooking,” said Jan. A friendship was developed, Sally had Bible studies and was baptized a few weeks after.

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