Lifestyle Coaching Comes to the Middle-East

News October 4, 2021

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 3rd Quarter 2021

Middle-East North-Africa Union (MENAU)

Lifestyle change is a process that can be difficult. Recognizing the value of health coaches can be crucial for success. Many health professionals, global mission pioneers, Health Ministries director and volunteers from the Middle-East North-Africa Union attended the Lifestyle Coaching Skills training offered by the General Conference Health Ministries in the months of March, June, and August. Over 100 leaders have attended the 15-hour training which is taught by Dr Katia Reinert and Dr. Lilly Tryon aiming at equipping health promoters in using coaching skills when ministering to those interested in adopting healthier habits. “I am a health practitioner but wanted to check out what this course had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised that I have received such good tools and learned a lot regarding what lifestyle coaching should really be about,“ said one participant. “This was one of the best online trainings I have attended.” Marcia McEdward, the Health Ministries director for MENAU reported, “This is exactly what we need in our ministry here. We plan to implement coaching strategies in all of our health outreach programs.” They are in the process now of translating it into Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

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