Lifestyle Coaching and Addiction Recovery Training Held in Fiji Island

News November 28, 2023

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2023

Trans-Pacific Union Mission | South Pacific Division

The Trans-Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) hosted an addiction recovery facilitator’s training and a Lifestyle Coaching Skills workshop at the Coral Coast Christian Camp in Deuba, Fiji, from March 14-22, 2023. Sponsored through the 10,000 Toes campaign, the week-long program was organized by TPUM Health Director and 10,000 Toes Ambassador George Kwong and facilitated by Dr. Katia Reinert, General Conference Health Ministries Associate Director and Adventist Recovery Ministries Global coordinator. The Addiction Recovery Program focused on understanding addiction, interventions, and the spiritual concepts of recovery and healing. The Lifestyle Coaching Skills program emphasized the skills needed to walk beside people during the process of health behavior change. Forty participants from around the Trans-Pacific Union, including Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, and Fiji, completed the trainings. “This training reminded me that we are only able to direct those who are sick and in need of healing to Jehovah-Rapha, the ‘God who Heals,’ He is the Healer, and our work is to direct people to Him,” said a participant Afamasaga Ben Tofilau. “I learned to be a good coach and a good listener, and that begins with me at home, with my family,” said Teera Tarataake from Kiribati. “I learned that addictions are not only drugs or alcohol,” mentioned Dr. Flora Lutui from Tonga, “but also things like long hours on social media or indulging in sugary foods.” “It has been a very successful Health training where our Health leaders from around the Pacific region can be informed, inspired, and equipped to take this knowledge and skills back to their countries and missions,” concluded Mr. Kwong.