Hope Bible is Launched During Global Health Conference

News October 1, 2019

A new Bible, the Hope Bible, was launched during the Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle on July 9, 2019 as a resource for health practitioners, chaplains and anyone hoping to share a message of hope and healing with others. Mario Martinelli, CEO of Editorial Safeliz in Spain, collaborated with the GC Health Ministry and Chaplaincy teams to compile articles, and content that were added as resources in addition to the Sacred Bible text, in an effort to focus on healing messages to the hurting. Hope Bible comes in a New King James Version and brings hundreds of Bible verses for all occasions, including aging, illness, loss and suffering. Bible verses are also topic based helping readers who struggle to overcome addictions, anger, anxiety, fear, loss, shame and guilt, and other daily challenges, and linking them to Bible verses. “It addresses important existential issues, and provides answers to many difficult questions,” explained Pr. Martinelli. Hope Bible also features a section called “Healthy Living,” with more than 40 articles on topics such as “An Answer for Cancer,” “Anger, Hostility, and Heart Disease,” and “Forgive and Live.” It is available in English, French, and Spanish and the publishing house started offering worldwide shipping of this new edition in September 2019 (see page 1 for order information). For Hope Bible features go to


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