Celebration Leaders

CELEBRATIONS® is an acronym for 12 healthful living principles: Choices, Exercise, Liquid, Environment, Belief, Rest, Air, Temperance, Integrity, Optimism, Nutrition, Social Support and Services.

We also make four promises to our readers:

1. The choices are yours to make, and we honor your individual rights and responsibility.
2. We as Seventh-day Adventists believe in a Creator God and will speak openly and sensitively of this belief. As a group, we are some of the world’s strongest believers in religious freedom, and we will not seek to coerce but to show the joy of embracing a healthful lifestyle.
3. We will seek at all times to present scientifically supported material that will enhance the quality of
your life.
4. We are interested in you as individuals—your prosperity and health—and did not develop CELEBRATIONS® for profit. This is a nonprofit venture.

Central to the Adventist philosophy on health is an interest in every aspect of human life, or wholesome living. The “whole” here relates to body, mind, emotions, spiritual dimensions, and social interactions. It is, therefore, with pleasure that we bring you this offering of an acronym that carries within it both the secrets of a healthful lifestyle and an exuberant appreciation of the joy of living well.

These Microsoft PowerPoint files and scripts are designed to accompany the book CELEBRATIONS. These can be used as the basis for a series of twelve classes or seminars, one letter or subject for each session.

Book Authors: Allan R. Handysides, Fred Hardinge, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Peter Landless from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Health Ministries Department.

CELEBRATIONS: Living Life to the Fullest.