Waldfriede Hospital Centenary Amidst Pandemic

News April 1, 2020

Waldfriede Hospital has existed in Berlin for 100 years. The Lord has blessed our home all these years despite consequences of World War I, World War II, several world economic crises, the division of Berlin into East and West and the reunification, and now the corona pandemic. During this pandemic we responded by: increasing our intensive care ventilation places from 10 to 30; enlisting 40 additional doctors and 40 more nurses; setting up an isolation ward; converting the church hall into a coronavirus rescue center; and setting up a daycare center so that the children of our doctors and nurses could be taken care of. In addition, our administrative staff had to work from their home offices. Overall, we had very good control of the coronavirus situation. Some outpatient services were cut, but will be systematically reinstated as the situation returns to normal. There have been significant financial losses, but I am convinced that God will continue to guide through this crisis. We are the largest medical care provider and employer in the South-West of Berlin and Berlin’s second oldest hospital. As a teaching hospital, we also provide many training opportunities for health professionals. We are a beacon for mission and evangelism and will continue to work to fulfill our mission and meet our motto: “Our service to man is service to God.” We fully believe God will continue to hold His protective hand over us and bless the hospital. —Bernd Quoss, CEO of Waldfriede

Berlin, Germany | Inter-European Division (EUD)

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