Leadership Summits

News February 27, 2013

By Allan Handysides, MD, MB, ChB, Retired Director of the Department of Health Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
It was a great privilege to accompany Pastors Jean Pierre Mulumba and Philip Gai of the East-Central Africa Division to various territories in that Division, along with Union Executive Secretary David Matte.

Driving some seven hours through Uganda, toward the western border, was a grand demonstration of the magnificent country called by Sir Winston Churchill “the Pearl of Africa.” Long-horned Ugandan cattle, fierce in appearance but gentle and docile in temperament, were visible along the route. Lakes Victoria, Edward, George – all with regal names – are the head-waters of the Nile, fed by many of the rivers flowing from the mountains bordering The Congo and Uganda. These lakes teem with life, and fish forms an important dietary item of the inhabitants of the region.

The discussion covered spirituality and prayer as the essentials of good leadership. A spirited discussion of policy and the basics of Church leadership led to many questions from the more than 100 pastors gathered to these workers’ meetings.

Transparency and accountability, so emphasized by the three GC officers, was emphasized by Pastor Mulumba; Pastor Gai presented the need for integrity.

Questions ranging from issues of retirement and processes of executive committees to the need for equitable application of policy and income levels were discussed.

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