Health Leaders Recognized with Medal of Distinction

News June 30, 2022

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2022

East Central – Africa Division

As a Church, we have been blessed with the grace – filled Adventist Health Message which has changed the quality of life of countless members and the communities we serve around the world. In regions far and near we have been inspired by the wonderful example of those who have given a lifetime of selfless service sharing and promoting Comprehensive Health Ministry, sharing wholeness and serving all. In 2003, the general Conference Health Ministry Medal of Distinction was introduced recognizing such service. To date, 104 medals have been conferred. The latest honorees include Belkis Archbold, Dwight Evans, Daniel Giang, David Glass, Elie Honoré, Alexis Llaguno, Doyle Nick, Ben Siapco, Fesaha Tsegaye, Tommy Wuysang and our World Church president, Elder Ted N.C. Wilson, who has been a lifelong champion of Comprehensive Health Ministry, as well as a dedicated administrator/leader. We congratulate and thank our dedicated Team of health ministers, good and faithful servants, from around the world.

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