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Adventist Recovery Ministries promotes healing and freedom from addictions by providing resources and training to individuals and churches to facilitate recovery. ARMin trains individuals to facilitate ongoing 12-step Christ-centered support groups and to provide mentoring in a safe,nurturing environment.

Instep for Life is a program that promotes healthy lifestyles by decreasing sedentary habits and encouraging physical activity. The goal is to motivate people to incorporate and track physical activity in their daily lives using a fitness tracker. The program provides gamification as a way to motivate people and communities (churches, schools, and any group or institution) to engage in fun group-tracking of their daily, monthly, and annual physical activity. Join us on our Facebook page.

This powerful and informative community program helps smokers kick the habit for good! Its roots extend back to the the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking, the first community-based smoking cessation program. This revised and enhanced, nine-day program provides a comprehensive physical, mental, social, and spiritual approach proven to help smokers find freedom from tobacco. Training videos and all program materials are available online, free of charge, to all registered facilitators.

Life is designed to be lived to the fullest and celebrated each and every day! CELEBRATIONS is a comprehensive wellness program that can empower you to experience optimal health and share it with others. It’s based on the acronym CELEBRATIONS, which outlines 12 vital ways to energize your daily living, including choice, rest, activity, nutrition, social support, and more. This program is Bible-based, consistent with the health counsel of Ellen White, and backed by evidence-based, peer-reviewed health science.

“enditnow” is a global initiative developed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence around the world, as well as in our own communities. Sadly, abuse cuts across all countries, people groups, and denominations, including the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The enditnow initiative seeks to increase personal awareness, responsibility, and involvement to effectively help end violence in every family and

This is a series of 49, one-minute videos featuring various topics of whole person health. The videos are based on biblical health principles supported by scientific evidence. Facts with Hope videos can be shared via social media, during a church service or program, or on other media (TV, radio). The videos are available in various languages.

Pornography addiction is very damaging and an extremely difficult habit to break. Gateway to Wholeness is a program designed to help people recover from the destructive cycle of porn. Based on a wealth of research on addiction and psychology, Gateway to Wholeness provides relevant emotional, social, and spiritual resources to help participants find freedom from pornography. This free and anonymous program is designed to be a first step in recovery.

The Third Global Conference on Lifestyle and Health took place in Loma Linda, CA, USA. The focus is on lifestyle and how it affects the body and the brain – Wholistic Wellness.The focus is on lifestyle and how it affects the body and the brain – Wholistic Wellness. Find resources of the Conference to explore the way lifestyle interventions modify our total well-being through the cycles of life.

Changing a health habit is not an easy process. Lifestyle Coaching uses biblical principles to provide personalized support that can cut through common barriers to a lifestyle change.

The choices we make in life largely determine our health and happiness. Positive Choices includes health blogs, short videos, a health letter template, and other resources to help empower you to make the best choices—physically, mentally and spiritually. By doing so, youwill enhance the quality of your life and at the same time extend it!

Reminded is a comprehensive, wholistic, evidence-based mental health resource currently being developed by and for the world church. Not only will Reminded be valuable for people who struggle with mental illness, but also for anyone wanting to improve their mental wellbeing, or simply learn more about mental health so they can support others better. As the program develops, Reminded will include TV programs, an interactive online course, small group curriculum, community-based program and expo, online facilitator training, and more.

This evidence-based youth discipleship program is designed to build resilience among youth, empowering them to say NO to addictive and unhealthy behaviors. This is a peer-to-peer program that brings adult mentors and healthy connections to young people, making them feel valued and helping them find their purpose in Christ. Youth Alive has a brand-new website and mobile iOS and Android app with materials for youth leaders and young people to access, including blogs, videos, courses, and books on various health and wellness topics.

Other Health Resources

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a community-based lifestyle medicine intervention program designed to prevent, arrest, and facilitate the reversal of many common chronic diseases. Founded in 1988, CHIP has driven positive health outcomes for tens of thousands of participants and generated 35+ published scientific papers. CHIP is a powerful disease reversal tool that empowers participants to make fundamental lifestyle changes that are proven to lower key risk factors within 10 to 12 weeks.

Available in 13 different languages, this website offers a wide variety of lifestyle articles and short videos. Secrets of Wellness was developed by the Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Lift your mood and your life. The Lift Project is a fascinating wellbeing adventure designed to lift individuals, groups, and organizations. It uniquely brings together scientifically-proven strategies from the exciting fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Lifestyle Medicine.