Franco-Belgium Union Equips Leaders in Health Coaching Skills

News June 30, 2024

Source: The Health Connection Newsletter | 2nd Quarter 2024

Sweden | Trans-European Division (TED)

A group of health promoters, pastors, administrators and health professionals from Belgium, France and Liechtenstein, came together in Brussels from April 26-29, 2024, to be equipped for comprehensive health ministry. They learned lifestyle coaching skills to support people in the process of lifestyle change and with the person to develop deeper relationships with people in the communities they minister and serve. The training emphasized current coaching skills and biblical principles to help attendees provide personalized support for people they meet through various health outreach programs. The training was sponsored by the Belgium Field, providing materials translated for Dutch and French speakers. Violeta Tudor, Health Ministries director of the Belgium Conference, had the vision to bring it to the team of health promoters and enthusiasts and praised God for the positive response of participants. The Franco-Belgium Union president and health director, Pr Ruben Abreu, gave full support, joining the training along with the conference officers. Attendees had both theory and coaching practice sessions and left inspired to use these skills to advance the mission in the secular, post-Christian territory.

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